Grow Your Own Teacher

Pathways to Success has partnered with the Rodel Foundation and Educators Rising to develop and facilitate a Grow Your Own (GYO) Educator Preparation Program. Through this program:

  • We recognize the need for more student-centered educators who value and honor student identity.
  • We work to prepare the next generation of educators through an equity lens to disrupt inequitable outcomes.
  • We prioritize the diversification of our teacher workforce by intentionally working to increase the racial and linguistic diversity of our teacher population. 

'Grow Your Own' fosters a generation of Changemakers in Education:

  1. We center student voice; we use it to lead for institutional and systemic change by engaging in problem-based learning.
  2. We offer a socially just and culturally responsive educator prep curriculum.
  3. We revise and co-design the curriculum based on student needs and recommendations.
  4. We imagine what teaching and classrooms could be versus what they have been and we build skill sets to inspire these spaces.
  5. We name inequities, explore the whys behind them and work to change them so that EVERY learner has access to culturally competent, joyous, rigorous classroom communities. 

As Changemakers we value:

  • Self-Reflection and Vulnerability
  • Courageous Conversations
  • Community & Liberation
  • Commitment to Change through Action
  • Servant Leadership

Additional aspects of this program give students the opportunity to:

  • Visit colleges and universities both in and out of the state of Delaware.
  • Meet and learn from college students who are pursuing a degree education.
  • Attend leadership trainings with an opportunity to participate in panel discussions and give presentations.
  • Co-design curriculum to be used in other community based organizations.
  • Compete in local, state and national CTSO Educators Rising events.

Interested in learning more our Educator Preparation Program? Contact or call the Pathways to Success office at (302) 858-4861.

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