Fair Housing Training Delaware

It is the mission of Pathways to Success to work with our communities to ensure that decent and affordable housing for all is accomplished in Sussex County.  We want to inform, educate and empower individuals and community leaders about their rights as it relates to Fair Housing.

As a part of our mission, we want to inform, educate and empower throughout Sussex County to raise community awareness regarding discrimination as it relates to fair housing.  Pathways to Success is pleased to participate in the neighborhood, civic, religious and community activities and events.

Pathways to Success is an FHIP organization that provides fair housing training to individuals and businesses in Sussex County, Delaware. We believe education is the first step in empowerment. To provide a better quality of life for everyone in Sussex County, Delaware, we dedicate our resources to providing free training.


What is FHIP?

FHIP stands for Fair Housing Initiatives Program. As an FHIP organization, we provide assistance to people who believe they may be victims of housing discrimination. This assistance can be anything from providing Fair Housing training to walking you through the process of filing a complaint.

We partner with HUD to help ensure that organizations and businesses alike in Sussex County, Delaware are educated of Fair Housing laws and aware of how they affect them.



Sussex County Fair Housing Training

We provide Fair Housing training all over Sussex County, Delaware. Our presenters frequently attend events, community centers, and organizations to provide the latest news, information, and training from HUD.

We are here to help you with all of your Fair Housing needs. If you have any questions about how Fair Housing laws affect you, your friends, your clients, or your organization, please contact us. Besides presentations, we are happy to answer any questions one-on-one or in a group setting. 

Our office in Georgetown is centrally located in Sussex County, Delaware. Pathways to Success isn’t just any faceless organization. We work and provide support to the same communities you work and live in every day. Give us a call if you would like to set up fair housing training at your next event.

At Pathways to Success, we frequently provide fair housing training to the following community providers in Sussex County, Delaware: 

    • Fair Housing Training for Homeowners Associations
    • Fair Housing Training for State Service Employees
    • Fair Housing Training for Community Service Groups
    • Fair Housing Training for Non-Profit Groups
    • Fair Housing Training for Churches
    • And More


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HOA Fair Housing Training

We provide fair housing training for homeowners associations. This helps ensure that you are compliant with all federal fair housing laws established by HUD. As a housing provider, it is important for you to stay up-to-date with Fair Housing laws.

Training is perfect for residents and staff of your HOA to ensure that everyone understands laws as they apply to them. By hosting a Fair Housing training presentation at your next meeting, you can ensure everyone is equipped with the knowledge of proper buying and selling practices. 


Fair Housing Training for State Service Employees

At Pathways to Success we provide Fair Housing training for state service employees. Whether you are a government official or social service employee having substantial knowledge of fair housing training laws should be an essential part of your job.

Government Officials

As lawmakers and people in charge of everyone’s wellbeing, government officials should have a solid understanding of Delaware’s fair housing laws. That is why Pathways to Success works hard to be a source of information for our community and local government. By providing community training, we equip everyone with the information they need to make a difference every day.

Social Services Employees

We equipped social service employees with knowledge of fair housing laws. It is important for those involved in helping the community daily. With proper Fair Housing training, you will know how to better help individuals seeking help for housing issues. You will be able to identify acts of housing discrimination and help guide your clients to get the help they need. 


Fair Housing Training for Non-Profit Groups

At Pathways to Success, we strongly encourage non-profit groups to seek Fair Housing training. This is because you are already in close contact with those who need assistance the most. With proper knowledge, you can help individuals who have suffered from housing discrimination even more effectively.

Fair housing training is an amazing way to help out people in the community around you. By providing fair housing training to nonprofit groups we can ensure that they also spread the knowledge to the people around them who need it most. We believe education is essential for creating a better community. If you would like to schedule fair housing training for your nonprofit organization, please contact us today.

Fair Housing Training for Community Service Centers

Community service centers are at the heart of rebuilding lives, serving families, and strengthening communities. By providing community service centers with Fair housing training, we are empowering you with the tools you need to make the lives of those around you even better. 

Fair Housing Training for Churches

We also provide Fair Housing training sessions for churches. Since churches are also at the forefront of communities, they have a unique opportunity to open their doors to a large number of people who can benefit from Fair Housing training. 

A training session from Pathways to Success is perfect for members of your outreach ministry, housing ministry, community ministry, or any other ministry which involves helping those in need. We believe that everyone deserves an equal opportunity at obtaining the housing they deserve. Through education and training programs, Fair Housing training for churches is a great way to ensure that members of your community are safer from the dangers of housing discrimination.

Fair Housing Training for Housing Shelters

By providing fair housing training to housing shelters, we believe we can reach a vulnerable part of our community. As a housing shelter, you come in contact with people every day who need your valuable help. 

We believe everyone deserves an equal chance and will arm you with the knowledge you need to train families and individuals on housing discrimination. Learn to identify what constitutes discrimination, and the proper ways to solve the issue. Then, pass on your knowledge to those around you so they can be aware of when discrimination is happening to them or someone they know. 


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Goals Of Fair Housing Training

When we come to give a Fair Housing Training presentation, our goals are to educate and inform everyone about Fair Housing laws. We want to see you not only walk away more informed about fair housing laws but to also share your knowledge with others. 

When you attend one of our Fair Housing training presentations, we will help you meet the following goals:


1) Learn more about Fair Housing Laws

We provide a brief history of the Fair Housing Act and Fair Housing Laws. By learning about the history of Fair Housing, we can understand more about the laws of today. 

You will also learn about HUD (United States Department of Housing and Urban Development) and how they keep you protected from discrimination. As a HUD partner, we will show you where you can go to stay up to date with the latest information. We also provide you with training and information materials so you will know how to respond to fair housing-related issues. 

As a protected class, we also provide you with information on the Fair Housing complaint process. Learn what a complaint form looks like, how to file one, and what you can expect after filing a complaint. 


2) Learn about your rights and duties

Learn about the 7 protected classes and how they relate to housing laws. 

Learn what to do when you or someone else has been discriminated against. With the knowledge you gain from a Fair Housing training presentation, you will know how to identify discrimination and the steps needed to remedy the situation. 

If you have been discriminated against as a protected class, then you will learn the steps to take to fix the issue. 

As a housing provider, you will learn more about Fair Housing laws so you can keep those you provide housing to protected. Also, learn how to ensure that your property is compliant with all Fair Housing laws.


3) Learn how to recognize housing discrimination

Not only will you gain knowledge in our Fair Housing Training, but we will ensure you have the knowledge you need to help those around you. 

Learn to recognize what is and is not considered housing discrimination. You will be able to identify housing discrimination where you may have not recognized it before and empower those who need help. You will also be able to recognize when a situation is not actually housing discrimination, to help limit false accusations. 

By learning how to spot discriminatory practices, you can help prevent discrimination in your community and gift others with the knowledge that will help them live a better life. 


4) Learn the Consequences for Violating Fair Housing Laws

As a fair housing provider, breaking the law could mean serious consequences for you and your business. In 2017 alone, there were over 8,000 complaints filed between HUD and FHAP agencies. If the courts find you guilty of an FHA violation, then you could face a hefty fine up to $65,000 in expenses. 

The best way to protect yourself is to arm yourself with knowledge. Ensure that you and those working for you are aware of the laws and what constitutes discrimination. Not all forms of discrimination are easy to identify. For example, it may be considered discrimination of familial status if you tell a family to move into a neighborhood because it is “good for families with children.”

Train yourself to recognize and prevent Housing Discrimination with a presentation from Pathways to Success. Even accidental discrimination will have serious consequences. By teaching the consequences of violating Fair Housing Laws, our goal is to help you recognize how housing discrimination harms our communities.

For more information on how to schedule fair housing provider training for your organization or business, give us a call at (302) 858-4861


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