Who We Are

Mission Statement

Pathways to Well-Being’s mission is to deliver accessible, high-quality, evidence-based, person-centered behavioral health services to individuals and families within our community to empower them to improve their overall quality of life.

Program Goals

  • Provides comprehensive behavioral health services to individuals, youth, and their families in Kent and Sussex Counties, Delaware.
  • Provides a coordinated approach that encourages individuals and their families to engage in the treatment process and resolve issues/concerns.
  • Treats each youth, individual and their family using a holistic approach to address individual/family needs.
  • Increases the overall quality of life as evidenced by reported satisfaction and observable positive changes in level of functioning.
  • To empower individuals, youth, and families to build a supportive environment through intensive case management and utilization of community resources and services available in their community that will promote health and overall well-being in all aspects.


  • PTWB provides services that are consistent with best-practice standards in mental health and substance use.
  • PTWB develops mutual support and teamwork with persons served, their support systems, and stakeholders.
  • PTWB strives to be well known and respected in the implementation of the System of Care Approach:
    • In the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic, PTWB has explored ways to deliver efficient care to clients while adhering to the Covid-19 guidelines and minimizing health risks. Our system of care will be a therapeutic and delivery approach that targets children, young adults and parents in regard to services while also minimizing risks related to the Covid-19 virus. This is by incorporating community–based services i.e., school counseling services and community-based clinics and psychological services into telehealth services and other safe forms of care delivery.
  • PTWB develops and delivers services that are accountable to persons served.
  • PTWB remains flexible and adaptable to societal and market changes.
  • PTWB treats everyone with fairness, respect, and confidentiality.
  • PTWB creates and maintains a positive environment for persons served, visitors, and staff.
  • PTWB hires a diverse staff with a broad range of skill, experience, and knowledge.