Partner Letter – Update on COVID-19

Dear Friends,

We appreciate your concerns as many of you have inquired about the status of our students during the COVID-19 outbreak. Here at Pathways To Success, Inc the wellbeing of our students is our priority. Though the students are out of school, we are still highly active while taking the necessary precautions in response to the Corona virus.

Our Pathways Program Coordinators continue to communicate with the students via email, text and phone to access their needs and overall safety. It is important we stay in contact with the students as we want them to know that we are still present to support them, even through the modifications of our normal routines.

At this time, Child Nutrition Centers have been set up by the State of Delaware near our participating schools: Cape Henlopen High School, Milford High School, Seaford High School and Sussex Technical High School. Being that 90% of the students we serve are socioeconomically disadvantaged, they do not have access to adequate transportation to reach these designated locations. The Pathways team has been working diligently to ensure our students were not left out of these opportunities by delivering food to the students who fall in that category.

To continue the education process during this time Cape Henlopen High School (CHHS) is utilizing an online tool, Schoology, and iPads to continue their studies from home. The other school districts we serve have Schoology however, they are hampered by two things: some students who do not have internet access and accessibility of laptops/computers. School administrators and boards are working diligently to find alternative solutions that will allow their students to continue the education process.

How can you help?

In total, our PTS staff of 9 cannot reach all locations to deliver meals to combat food insecurity or provide laptops for students who do not have them. If you would like to assist in any way please contact Sarah Gilmour, Pathways to Success Outreach Coordinator, via cell (302)-381-1494 or via email

We are confident the Pathways to Success students will continue to reach success, despite this situation. It takes a village and we thank you for being apart of ours. After all, it’s all about the kids!

Warm Regards,
Fay Blake
Founder and Executive Director
Pathways to Success, Inc.