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Pathways to Success-College is an extension of the Pathway to Success In-School Youth (ISY) Program. The founding chapter was established in 2020 at Delaware State University by Shamaya Young, PTS alum, and continues to be a student-led organization. Just as the goal of the parent organization is to support students throughout high school and prepare them for life after high school, this organization takes it a step further and wants to equip our members with skills and tools needed in college and prepare them for what life has in store after college!

Some of the benefits of joining PTS College include guidance on financial aid and scholarships, networking opportunities, tutoring services, and peer to peer council. Throughout the fall and spring semesters, the board puts on events like, cooking classes, movie nights, professional development seminars, and "table talk" discussions on topics facing college students today.

Ready to join Pathway to Success College? Fill out our application form below and one of the PTS College Board Members will follow up with you. Or if you would like more information, please contact Shamaya Young at or call the Pathways office at (302) 858-4861.


The mission of Pathways to Success-College is to equip the members with skills that will aid them in their transition from student to graduate. We will utilize innovative and creative approaches in peer mentorship, inclusive dialogue, and develop capacity building skills to help individuals be successful and contributing citizens in any community. Our goal is wrapped around our four pillars which are to inform, educate, empower and support the students on our campus.


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