Preparing youth, ADULTS and THEIR families for successful lives


P. T. S. students at an informational meeting with a representative from Wesley College at Sussex Technical High School

OUR GOAL IS to provide services that aid in the personal and career development of youth, adults, and their families

1. Academic Mentoring:

    Mentors are able to provide assistance with mastering the basic skills necessary for high school graduation

2. Character Education:

    Innovative approaches focus on development and leadership, goal setting, conflict management, self-esteem building, and self advocacy

3. Preparatory Experience:

    Includes career interest assessment, academic and career planning with guidance, and development of employable skills

4. Work-Based Activities:

    Includes community and business site visits

    Includes job shadowing, paid and unpaid internships, and employment

5. Connecting Activities:

    Includes assistance connecting with tutors, mentors, other positive role models,

    and​ various community services

6. Family Involvement:

    Providing parent education and support)

Sussex County Girls Summit

NOVEMBER 3, 2016

The Sussex Technical High School Christmas
Fashion Design/Catwalk Competition

  1. Provide individuals with the tools necessary for academic success

  2. Enable individuals to experience a wide range of opportunities

  3. Encourage and support individuals as they consider their future

  4. Build competence, confidence, and community

  5. Engage and support parents as partners