Preparing youth, ADULTS and THEIR families for successful lives

                                                                                               Fayetta Blake, Director
                                                                                              Pathways to Success, Inc.

Fayetta M. Blake is co-founder and Executive Director of Pathways to Success, Inc. a non-profit organization whose mission is to prepare youth, and their families to have more successful lives. Fay is also chairwoman of Sussex Unity a coalition of civic activists who assist the underserved and impoverished communities throughout Sussex County in an attempt to bring about positive change.

Fay started her career over thirty- years ago in the Lending Institution with Security Pacific National Bank where she worked as a loan officer for five years. She then enjoyed a 20 +-year banking career at All First Financial where she held various positions of increasing authority. In 1995, she was appointed as Sr. Vice President of operations; the first African American to be appointed to that level in the bank's 200-year history. During that time, she had global oversight of all operations units in the Mid-Atlantic regions. In 1998, she and her team were recognized by the banking institution for Quality Assurance as well as being recognized Visa, for exceeding Quality of Service standards and outstanding customer service.

Pathways to Success Inc. was established in 2006 the work that Fay does with Pathways is indeed her passion it embodies her need to give back to the community especially here in Sussex County were Fay was born and raised. Fay, herself comes from humble beginnings and understands the devastation of poverty. Fueled with that knowledge she and the Pathways team strive to make a positive difference in the lives of the people she serves here in Sussex County.

Pathways to Success provides in-school and after-school mentoring to at-risk youth, as well as community outreach to their families. It was through helping the youth that Fay realized that in order to have healthy youth, healthy neighborhoods have to exist as Chairwoman of Sussex Unity she and a wonderful cadre of individuals seek to create civil discourse in an attempt to create healthy and safe communities for all of the citizens throughout Sussex County.

Fay is a wife of over 39 years, a mother, and a doting grandmother to twin boys and a granddaughter.

She is currently enrolled in Wilmington Universities Master's in Administration of Human Services Program.

                                                                                            “Preparing students and their families for successful lives.”